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I am working on way to help others. Others dedicated to and in the ARTS.
I don't have a lot of money, but I still want to help. I thought you might like to help me, help. It does not matter how much either. I am asking you to help me. Everything counts. Even when we give a dollar at a time, and if lots of us do it, it adds up.

My First Ever Charity will be Shin Yuurei, she is the daughter of a dear friend, Garie Sim. They live in Singapore. Garie and I have known each other since 1996. We met at a trade show in Chicago. And then in a class. We have been friends ever since. He is a good man.

Shin is only 38 years old. She has many medical issues right now and has used all of her allotted care for the year. It is only May.
She has been a part of the whole teaching team at the Sim's household since 2002.
Garie has always loved to teach and share with children. He has passed this down to others, including his family. Of course I love that. Giving kids tools and a way survive the world they were born in has a place in my heart
This is a very good thing.
The pandemic has not been very kind to the Sim's little business of teaching, sharing, and crafting, at all. They have been in lock down as long (longer) as we have and they can not even teach in their home, it is not allowed at all. They have already downsized every thing they can.
When I heard of the trouble they were in, it was too much for me.
Garie asked me for help, I know this was not easy for him.
He waited a long time as well. But he had used up all of his options.
He has always been able to deal with every thing that has come his way.
This whole family works together to support children and introduce them to a small bit of art in the way that they know how. And to support themselves.
I want to support people that work with children. Children do not ask for racism, crazy making adults, or pandemics and yet they seem to be the ones that clean up our messes and fix things when we don't. They should be given the tools and the art therapy to help them get through the messes we leave them.
My art projects in my early life helped me get over so many things. They still do. I believe that art is therapy, these are only my opinions but I believe in them deep down in my soul.
And…Together we can change the world.
"Shin Yuurei has many talents; singing, dancing, playing piano, clay and art, also multiple language skills. Singing for corporate events, charity and teaching children dancing, teaching piano, clay and art lessons for children. She is a dedicated teacher, teaching children and adults since 2002."
Garie's words about his daughter- 2021
What a smile
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