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My latest book is the Polymer clay Artist's guide.
Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

"Working with polymer clay should be fun and give you a feeling of accomplishment. The more skills you add to your body of knowledge, the more you will be able to achieve with your clay and your art.
The effects that you can create with polymer clay are many and varied. Polymer clay can be combined with a huge range of materials and adapted to many different applications. The more you play with the clay and try out different techniques, the more things that you will be able to achieve. This book is a compendium of easy-to-follow techniques and ideas to help you on your journey of exploration. Many of them are straightforward and easy to execute, so it does not matter how much experience you already have. Dip into the different sections of the book and simply try things out. Flip around to different pages and try combining the effects you find there. Such experiments will feed your creative mind and help you develop your own distinctive ideas and methods."
I am celebrating my birthday month now. I learned this from my youngest daughter.
My month started on the 21st of November.
I will run this up to Christmas and maybe through to January.
Celebrate with me!
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And thank you for your loyalty, friendships, and support, through all of the years.
I am so grateful. Click on special!
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